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AEROPAK Brake Cleaner
AEROPAK Brake Cleaner
AEROPAK Brake Cleaner


Item No.: APK8304

Weight: 500ml/350g net/12.3 oz
Can Size: ∮65mm x 195mm H
Package: 500ml x 12pcs/ctn
Carton Size: 275x205x245 mm
20ft Container Loading 2050 cartons


Product Description



Cleans C.V. joints ABS brakes, disc drum & clutch parts
removes brake fluid grease & oil in seconds

Aeropak Brake Cleaner will safely, easily, and quickly remove the brake dust and metal powder from brakes, and restore capability to your brakes. Aeropak Brake Cleaner is ideal for the removal of brake fluid and oil from brake drums & rotors, linings, pads, cylinders & springs.

Aeropak Brake Cleaner is a non-chlorinated formula that can safely be used on: Disc & Drum Brakes, ABS Brakes, Clutches, CV Joints, Wheel Bearings, Non Electrical Tools, Greasy & Oily Surfaces.


IMPORTANT : Shake the can before use.

Keep cleaner away from Painted or Plastic surfaces.
Cleaning in place: Remove the wheel, hold the can 300-600mm from brakes, spraying brake parts from top moving downward, washing dust, dirt and contaminates away. Workbench use: Apply liberally to all parts and surfaces to be cleaned, allowing cleaner to wash all contaminates away.

Stubborn areas may need a second application to ensure that contaminates
fully have been removed.


Upon completion let brakes air dry or wipe with a clean cloth.


Spray unneeded product on to newspaper dispose to waste. Empty can is recyclable.


Do not use near fire or naked flame.
Do not puncture or incinerate even if empty. 
Keep in a cool place out of direct sunlight. 
Do not store above 50°C. / 122 F
Never spray at eyes or face.



Keep out of reach of children If swallowed seek medical advice immediately.

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