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AEROPAK Line Marking Paint
AEROPAK Line Marking Paint
AEROPAK Line Marking Paint
AEROPAK Line Marking Paint
AEROPAK Line Marking Paint
AEROPAK Line Marking Paint


Item No.: APK8202

Weight: 750ml/560g net/20 oz
Can Size: ∮65mm x 300mm H
Package: 750ml x 12pcs/ctn
Carton Size: 275x205x350 mm
20ft Container Loading 1200 cartons

Product Description



Fast Drying

UV Resistant

Long Lasting Ultra Bright Colours

Made for Extreme Environments

Aeropak Marking Paint is ideal for marking parking lots, indicating danger zones, marking areas for safety, installation, evacuation or maintenance procedures. Resistant to weather and most chemicals.

Can be used on most surfaces including concrete, asphalt, grass, wood, synthetic surfaces. Stripes of between 6-12cm wide can be achieved, depending on the nozzle setting, line marking lengths of 55-100m can be achieved with one can, this will vary according to the speed of application and surface texture.


Surface must be ready to take paint. 
For best results spray on dry and clean surfaces free of grease, wax, rust and dust.


IMPORTANT : Shake the can vigorously for two minutes before use.

Remove all dirt and contaminants by sweeping the surface 
before application of the coating;

Invert can and point at ground or floor;

Hold can 4-10 inches above surface to be marked; 
Or install this can to the spraying handle 
or Aeropak Line Marking Machine for straight line marking;

Clean valve by spraying upright for 2-3seconds after each use.


Clean valve by spraying upright for 
2-3 seconds after each use. 
Clean any over spray with mineral turps or general-purpose thinners.


Spray unneeded product on to 
newspaper dispose to waste. 
Empty can is recyclable.


Do not use near fire or naked flame. 
Do not puncture or incinerate even if empty. 
Keep in a cool place out of direct sunlight. 
Do not store above 45°C. / 113°F 
Never spray at eyes or face.



Keep out of reach of children 
If swallowed seek medical advice immediately.

Warning - intentional misuse by deliberately inhaling 
content can be harmful or even fatal.


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