AEROPAK Copper Grease Spray
AEROPAK Copper Grease Spray
AEROPAK Copper Grease Spray
AEROPAK Copper Grease Spray
AEROPAK Copper Grease Spray
AEROPAK Copper Grease Spray


Item No.: APK8407

Weight: 200ml/100g net/3.5oz 
Can Size: ∮52mm x 120mm H 
Package: 200ml x 48pcs/ctn 
20ft Container Loading 1200 cartons

Product Description


AEROPAK Copper Grease Spray protects metal from corrosion and heat.In addition Copper Grease Contains an anti-seize compound to enhance Lubrication. This helps prevent disc Breaks terminals from corrosion.



1. Suitable for cast iron, carbon steel ferrous metal , stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, non-ferrous metals processing;

2. Suitable for grinding, turning, milling, drilling, tapping, etc all kinds of occasions cutting lubricating;

3. Suitable for general machine tools, CNC machine tools, multi-purpose machine, machining centers and other centralized circulation cooling and lubrication systems;

4. It is a general-purpose, high-grade semi-synthetic cutting fluid.



 1. Excellent lubricity and extend cutters service life;

2. Good cooling and cleaning property, can effectively remove the turnings, abrasive dust, iron powder, oil contamination, sand;

3. The aqueous anti-rust agent, and oily rust inhibitor can effectively prevent the work equipment and work piece rust;

4. Good micro-emulsifying effect, emulsion stability and good translucency;

5. Rapid antifoam effect;

6. It doesn't contain nitrite and other harmful substances, no irritating smell, is environmentally friendly product;

7. High strength anti microbial decomposition ability, not easy to spoilage, good stability;

8. High concentrated products and high effective substance content.


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