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Leather Protectant
Leather Protectant
Leather Protectant

Item No.: APK8806
Can Size: 100x55x255mm H
Package: 500ml x 24 pcs/ctn
Carton Size: 465x305x260 mm
20ft Container Loading 850 cartons

Product Description

1) Can protect leatherwood, plastic and rubber from harmful UV-rays, high temperature and ozone
2) Prevents panels, leather and tires from fading, cracking, wrinkling and aging
3) Enhances and maintains the original gloss of the paint
4) Eliminates static and dirt retention



1. Shake well before use. Hold the can 10-20cm from the surface to be cleaned; press spray button firmly.

2. For carpets, spray uniformly and stay for 20-30 seconds, then remove the foam before it dries.

3. For fabrics and leather, spray on unnoticeable area to test if it will cause color fading or spots.



1. Keep away from heat, flame, spark and other source of ignition.

2. Store in a cool, dry place (45℃); Avoid direct sunlight.

3. Do not clash, puncture, or incinerate the can.

4. Keep out of reach of children;


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