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AEROPAK Silicone Oil Spray, An excellent silicone spray for home, automotives, marine, and industrial applications. 1) Specifically formulated to provide superior all purpose lubrication and protection.2) Prolongs life, prevents squeaks and lubricates. For all general and light duty mechanical lubrication purposes.3) Use is as a moisture barrier for electrical contacts, a rubber and plastic lubricant, a mold release agent, and a packing lubricant for shafts and valve stems.4) It is useful as a stopcock lubricant, plug or ball valve lubricant, valve stem packing lubricant, and protector for electrical contacts.5) It also protects electrical connections against water infiltration, acring, and keeps moisture from forming a conductive film on electric mounts and insulators. Features:...
AEROPAK MULTILUBE,ANTI-RUST LUBRICANTProtects against Rust & CorrosionRemoves Moisture, Stops SqueaksLoosens Seized & Sticking Parts Aeropak MultiLube is an all purpose lubricating, water displacing and penetrating multi spray, that protects against rust, removes moisture, stops squeaks, loosens seized & sticking parts and will also remove grease, tar, gums, and adhesives from most surfaces. Aeropak MultiLube is ideal for preventative maintenance and 1000s of uses around the home & work. Cleans and protects against rust. Cleans and removes rust from tools, engine parts and chrome parts.Removes moisture from spark plugs, car ignitions, outboard motors and machinery.Loosens and penetrates rusted parts, locks, seized nuts and bolts, valves, joints...
AEROPAK White Lithium Grease Spray Product Description AEROPAK White Lithium Grease Spray adopts high formular grease, which are rich in super lubricant. Special in cleaning wheel gear, car hinge and door lock etc , It is suitable elminate the friction, noise, and de-rust and de moist very well. AdvantagesTemperature range: effective from -18 degree Celsius to 150 degree Celsius;Easy application, ideal for hard-to-reach areas UsagesAutomotive: Hinges, locks, latches, seat tracks, strike plates, cables, distributor cams, battery terminals, radio antennas, windshield wiper mechanisms, bolts, bearings, clean engines, and more. Home: Sliding doors, windows, hinges, appliances, lawn and garden equipment, garage door tracks, chains...
AEROPAK Copper Grease Spray protects metal from corrosion and heat.In addition Copper Grease Contains an anti-seize compound to enhance Lubrication. This helps prevent disc Breaks terminals from corrosion. Application1. Suitable for cast iron, carbon steel ferrous metal , stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, non-ferrous metals processing;2. Suitable for grinding, turning, milling, drilling, tapping, etc all kinds of occasions cutting lubricating;3. Suitable for general machine tools, CNC machine tools, multi-purpose machine, machining centers and other centralized circulation cooling and lubrication systems;4. It is a general-purpose, high-grade semi-synthetic cutting fluid. Features 1. Excellent lubricity and extend cutters service life;2. Good coolin...
AEROPAK Grease Spray is composed of synthetic base oils and lithium complex thickeners that provide the film strength shear resistance and mechanical stability required for good grease lubrication. The convenient and efficient aerosol dispenses a controlled application of penetrating spray which forms a translucent, long lasting barrier of protective grease. The barrier extends the life of equipment while it lubricates and loosens rust and dirt. It outlasts petroleum based greases and oils. APPLICATIONS:AEROPAK Grease Spray is recommended for use in heavy and light duty applications found in manufacturing plants, automotive applications, agricultural equipment and construction equipment. These include, but are not limited to, roller bearings, plain bearings, thrust bearings,...
AEROPAK PTFE Spray Lubricant Features:Long lasting greasing. Effective adherence.Resistant to water.Great anticorrosive.High wear resistance. Penetrates rapidly to loosen parts frozen due to wear corrosion and grime buildup leaving behind a friction reducing film.Rapidly penetrates and lubricates.Use on conveyors and chutes, precision and electrical equipment.   Descriptions:1. Won't interfere with post - finishing operations, durable up to 500°F for extended periods. Extremely effective against dust conditions.2. PTFE formulation penetrates rapidly to loosen parts frozen due to wear corrosion and grime buildup leaving behind a friction reducing film.3. Leaves a non-stick coating on moving parts.4. Rapidly penetrates and lubricates.5. Provides corrosion resistance....
AEROPAK Chain & Gear Spray Lubricant Specifications1.High performance of lubrication and abrasion resistance2.Generating less carbon deposit3.Less volatilization4.Excellent stability under high-temperature condition. DescriptionAeropak Chain & GearLubricant is ideally suited to lubricating chains where a highly tenacious lubricant is required. It is an excellent product designed for use on medium and heavy loaded chain drives. It is suitable for a wide range of temperatures and will not easily be thrown off during use. When applied it gives a tenacious oily film which will lubricate deep into chain linkages.Provides long-term internal and external lubrication of chains, bearings gear mechanisms, O ring seals and all types of mechanical joints. Features: 1. All-weath...
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