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Item: APK-2K-01Barcode: 692343256222Can Size: 400mlNet Weight: 285g/10ozPackage: 12pcs/ctn Product Features:1. Aeropak 2K paint is compatible to different kinds of materials.2. Aeropak 2K paint has excellent mechanical behavior in rust proof and water proof.3. There is no crack, no shrinkage, no expansion will happen during the drying of the paint film.4. Variety colors available.
Aeropak Water Based Peelable Rubber Coating is formulated with new technology and water based materials which is odorless when spraying, and it contains no glue nor formaldehyde. It has excellent performance in high and low temperature resistance, oxidation/acid rain/ultraviolet/gasoline resistance. It can be polished and painted. It can fit to any different shapes, sharp corners, concave and convex surfaces, without any rising edge or inclusions. It can be widely used on: automobiles, furniture, electrical appliances, toys, metals, plastics, ceramics and all other indoor and outdoor hard surface
Aeropak Stain Block for Wall & Ceiling Anti Mould Paint STAIN STOP/ ANTI MOULD PAINT MOULD GROWTH PRETECTION FOR WALLS & CELINGS Covers most types of paintwork stains, and helps prevent them reappearing Aeropak Stain Block for Wall & Ceiling Anti Mould Paint is specially formulated to cover most types of stains, grease, pen, crayons, rust, soot and dry water stains on interior walls and ceilings, and keeps walls and ceilings paint mould free. It dries quickly with a semi-gloss white finish that can be decorated over if required.Preparation: Ensure the surface to be treated is clean, dry and fee from loose debris, mould, grease, oil, wax, dirt and moisture, etc. Mask surrounding areas to protect from overspray. Fill hols or cracks with filler and sand down. U...
Item: APK-LS-01Barcode: 692343256201Can Size: 400mlNet Weight: 285g/10ozPackage: 12pcs/ctn Aeropak Leak-Stopper is specially designed to repair the leakge of tube root, pipe orifice, pipe corner, cracks, slot wiring, pipe joints, etc. It is easy to reach the place hard to brush or wrap. It has the features of anti corrosion and rust proof, fast dry, . It is compliable to many different materials and hard surfaces such as concrete, plastic, steel, iron, etc.
Item: APK-CC-01Barcode: 692343256203Can Size: 400mlNet Weight: 285g/10ozPackage: 12pcs/ctn Aeropak Conforming Coat is one component light yellow transperent liquid, made from epoxy resein and other polymer elastic components. Aeropak Conforming Coating Spray has strong adhesion and small stress. Its dry film produces no free-radical and has no corrosion to electrical components. The paint film is heat resistant up to 130℃,when it will be soft but will not drop and thus has no harm to insulation of paint film. The product has good stability to acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals, and has excellent performance in moisture proof, insulation, electricity leakage proof, shock proof, dust proof, corrosion proof, aging proof, corona proof, etc. It is widely used in hybrid integr...
Aeropak Tub & Tile Nano Ceramic Paint is made of terpolymer system. The dry paint film will be about 3H hard after 3 hours dry, and reach 8H hardness after 72 hours totally dry. It has features of easy operation, good coverage, high gloss, impact during, weather resistance, scratch resistance, high heat resistance etc. Meanwhile it is electrical insulated and water proof. Aeropak Nano Ceramic Paint is mainly used on hard materials such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, stone, steel, aluminum, etc. It is NOT suggested to use on soft materials.
Aeropak Plastic Renew Spray can renew and revitalize indoor and outdoor plastics, with no primer needed. Aeropak Plastic Renew Spray is available in a range of colors for use on automotive plastics, as well as resin, polypropylene, polystyrene, PVC, fiberglass, and vinyl plastics such as chairs, tables, planters, and more. It is specially designed to use on PPS plastic, but DO NOT to use on plastic contacted with petrol or solvent.
Aeropak Leather ReColor and Renew Paint is made of modified acrylic resin, It is specifically Formulated for Renewing or Changing Color on Leathers. Dries to a glossy finish. Aeropak Leather Renew Spray isn't just for your leather sofa, chair, ottoman, etc.  This product works on anything made of leathers like: Car Seats, Saddles, Leather Jackets, Purses, Boots, Belts, Wallets, Briefcases, etc
Aeropak AQ Spray paint is an environmentally friendly water baased paint, that is quick drying and high gloss. It is ideal for odd jobs and touch ups around the house, office or work. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor use on metal, wood, fiberglass and most surfaces.  Preparation:For best results, clean surface of grease, wax, rust and dust. Scuff or lightly sand all glossy surfaces removing any unwanted bumps or flaking paint, then dust off.  Application:Shake the can vigorously for one minute before use. Hold the can about 30cm from prepared surface. Apply one light mist coat, and spray in a continuous motion
AEROPAK REFLECTIVE SAFETY PAINT/LIFE PAINTDESCRIPTIONAeropak Reflective Safety Paint is a unique water based reflective safety spray paint. It is invisible in daylight, and it glows brightly in direct glare of car headlights. Making the invisible visible. Aeropak Life Paint is washable, and will not damage the color or the surface of your clothes or shoes. It lasts for more than one week. Aeropak Reflective Safety Paint can be used in all sorts of ways. It works best on textile materials, such as clothes, shoes, helmets, pushchairs, children backpacks, even dog leads and collars.Directions  1. Shake well before use.2. Hold the can upright;3. Apply approx 15-30cm from surface to spray.4.Press down firmly to actuate once.5. Spray evenly in a smooth speed.. Preca...
Water Proof Spray High Performance Spray Ideal for:Camping, Hiking & All other Outdoor Activities Shoes, Clothes, Tents, etc
Aeropak Lawn Bowls Spray Chalk MarkerProduct descriptionAeropak Lawn Bowls Spray Chalk Marker is a high-tech equipment for lawn bowls match umpire, with the characteristics of eco-friendly environmental protection. The umpire used to mark a bowl that was touching the jack with chalk - the spray is a modern version. The benefit of using a modern spray chalk is that it does not require anyone to come into physical contact with the bowls, which could affect the outcome of a game. A bowl that has been sprayed as a toucher is not considered to be out of play if it falls into the ditch, which is a shallow trench that surrounds the bowling green. Members of bowling clubs often bring their own spray chalk, but in some clubs, it is a responsibility of a person known as the marker, a non-p...
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