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Property:Acid & solidified;high intensity;fast solidification;good tightness;weathering resistant;ultraviolet resistant;ozone resistant;water resistant;Service Restriction:The product is not applicable to structure assembly or project whose base material has a surface temperature above 40.Usage:1. Various interior decoration glass, aluminum alloy and glass device projects2. Various glazing projects3. Seal & cementation of al-alloy door & window, storefront, show window, diagonal and skylight corner line 4. Good sealing performance for glass, glass fiber, pottery & porcelain and greaseless material Instruction:Clean the base material with cloth: clean it with solvent; if in particular demand, coat the surface with paint base and let it dry completely.Make sure fill the ...
Aeropak Neutral Silicone SealantPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONAEROPAK Neutral Silicone Sealant is a middle/high modulus, high quality, cost effective, low odor, multi-purpose, one-part neutral curing sealant.AEROPAK Neutral Silicone Sealant offers excellent adhesion and long term durability, compatibility with a wide variety of substrates, and good weatherproof ability.Used in a range of general sealing, general glazing, waterproofing and trade applications. FEATURESStable and flexible from –50°C to +180°CAdheres to a range of common building materials and finishes.Neutral cure, will not corrode metals, concrete or brick.Cures to a strong, flexible seal capable of withstanding movement in and around the joint.Non-slumping, can be used in vertical and overhead joints.Easy to use – one p...
Aeropak Acrylic Sealant is one component water base sealant, paintable and flexible. It can be used for many purposes. It is panitable and remains flexible. It has good adhesion properties to most surfaces. ApplicationIt can be used for bonding door and window frames, sealing ventilarion pipes, skirting boards, cornices and filling gapsin concrete, bricks etc. Use limitationsThis product can not be used for structural assemblies and adhesion and can not be used on wet surfaces. It is the users responsibility to determine the suitability of use. Directions Bonding surfaces should be clean, dry and without grease. A primer such as white spirit can be used if required. Cut nozzle and apply sealant using a suitable gun. Please conduct a test before use, to conform that...
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