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AEROPAK THROTTLE BODY, CARBY & CHOKE CLEANERFast acting formulaCuts through carbon build upCuts through varnish & gumAeropak Throttle Body, Carby & Choke Cleaner, quickly cleans throttle bodies & carburettors without time consuming removal from the vehicle. Regular use will ensure smoother, trouble-free performance. Aeropak Throttle Body, Carby & Choke Cleaner will effectively remove grease, dirt, gum, varnish, build-up and carbon deposits, increasing combustion efficiency, saving fuel and reduce pollution.PREPARATIONRun engine to normal operating temperature, remove the air cleaner and avoid spraying on to electrical connections.APPLICATIONIMPORTANT : Shake the can before use. Internal Cleaning: Remove air cleaner, start the engine, spray cleaner into air inlet (t...
REMOVABLE RUBBER PAINT StylishFlexibleInsulatingNon-slipAvailable in Glossy, Matt, Headlight, Fluro, Pearl Luster, Luminous and Chameleon coloursAeropak Removable Rubber paint can be used to temporarily changing the colour of your entire car or certain parts of it; it's an easily applied and reversible paint job. Aeropak Rubber paint is multi-purpose spray on rubber coating with excellent moisture, acid, alkaline & abrasion resistance. It protects against electrical shock, skidding/slipping & corrosion. For use on wood, metal, glass, rope, plastic, rubber, concrete & tools.PREPARATIONSurface must be ready to take paint, clean surface of grease, wax, rust and dust.APPLICATIONIMPORTANT : Shake the can vigorously for one minute before use. Holding the can 30cm from prepa...
Item: APK-WR-01Barcode: 692343256401Can Size: 400mlNet Weight: 285g/10ozPackage: 12pcs/ctn Aeropak Water Based Peelable Rubber Coating is formulated with new technology and water based materials which is odorless when spraying, and it contains no glue nor formaldehyde. It has excellent performance in high and low temperature resistance, oxidation/acid rain/ultraviolet/gasoline resistance. It can be polished and painted. It can fit to any different shapes, sharp corners, concave and convex surfaces, without any rising edge or inclusions. It can be widely used on: automobiles, furniture, electrical appliances, toys, metals, plastics, ceramics and all other indoor and outdoor hard surface
AEROPAK REFLECTIVE SAFETY PAINT/LIFE PAINTDESCRIPTIONAeropak Reflective Safety Paint is a unique water based reflective safety spray paint. It is invisible in daylight, and it glows brightly in direct glare of car headlights. Making the invisible visible. Aeropak Life Paint is washable, and will not damage the color or the surface of your clothes or shoes. It lasts for more than one week. Aeropak Reflective Safety Paint can be used in all sorts of ways. It works best on textile materials, such as clothes, shoes, helmets, pushchairs, children backpacks, even dog leads and collars.Directions  1. Shake well before use.2. Hold the can upright;3. Apply approx 15-30cm from surface to spray.4.Press down firmly to actuate once.5. Spray evenly in a smooth speed.. Preca...
AEROPAK ENGINE DEGREASERAeropak Engine Degreaser is a concentrated solvent based degreaser suitable for use on engines, tools, mechanical parts, and concrete without damage to rubber and plastic.Aeropak Engine Degreaser quickly removes dirt, dust, road grime, grease, oil, tar, wax and bitumen deposits and is safe for use on all engine components.PREPARATIONA warm engine will produce better results.APPLICATIONLeave engine idling about 5 minutes to warm grease & oilShut down engine and remove the air filter, and wrap or cover the carburetor and distributor using plastic or cloth.IMPORTANT : Vigorously shake the can for a minute before use.Spray to the surface of the engine with Aeropak Engine Degreaser.After 5 minutes, wash it with clean water.IMPORTANT : Do not start engine after a...
AEROPAK COCKPIT DETAILERGloss FinishRepels DustScentedRejuvenatesCleans and protectsAeropak Cockpit Detailer, cleans & protects and is perfect for ABS, plastic, vinyl, rubber and most auto interiors. it provides a hi gloss rejuvenating finish whilst sealing and protecting your interior. Aeropak Cockpit Detailer’s anti-static property repels dust and prevents aging and cracking.PREPARATIONSurface must be free of heavy soiling and ready to be cleaned.CAUTION: Do not use on controls, floors, seats, or surfaces where slipperiness will be a hazard. Not for use on glass or clear plastics, fabric, woven materials or paint.APPLICATIONRemove any water, dirt and dust from surface.Shake can well before use.Apply liberally directly onto the surface, holding the can upright 15-20cm away from surfac...
LINE MARKING PAINTFast DryingUV ResistantLong Lasting Ultra Bright ColoursMade for Extreme EnvironmentsAeropak Marking Paint is ideal for marking parking lots, indicating danger zones, marking areas for safety, installation, evacuation or maintenance procedures. Resistant to weather and most chemicals.Can be used on most surfaces including concrete, asphalt, grass, wood, synthetic surfaces. Stripes of between 6-12cm wide can be achieved, depending on the nozzle setting, line marking lengths of 55-100m can be achieved with one can, this will vary according to the speed of application and surface texture.PREPARATIONSurface must be ready to take paint. For best results spray on dry and clean surfaces free of grease, wax, rust and dust.APPLICATIONIMPORTANT : Shake the can vigorously for t...
Aeropak Metallic Spray Paint is fast-drying aerosol paint, color, high gorgeous, highly metallic luster, in the light irradiation of the metal reflective film is best, dazzling bright, excellent decorative effect for cars and motorcycles renovation, repair, change color.   Application: Metal, plastic, stone, china, machine, ornament, lamp, picture frame, concrete, desk, chair, plant pot, precision instrument, window, door.Drying Time: Dry to handle in 1 hour. Recoat within 1 hour or after 24 hours.   PREPARATIONFor best results, clean surface of grease, wax, rust and dust. Scuff or lightly sand all glossy surfaces removing any unwanted bumps or flaking paint, then dust off. Prime raw timber or metal with Aeropak primer and allow to fully dry. APPLICA...
AEROPAK FOAMING TYRE CARERejuvenates browning & aging tyresLasting protectionPenetrates brake dustDissolves dirt, oil & road filmAeropak Foaming Tyre Care contains a macromolecule ingredient that penetrates, to remove road grime, brake dust, dirt, film, and grease. Foaming Tyre Care provides long lasting protection and rejuvenate browning and aging tyres and is specifically created to leave a spot free finish.PREPARATIONUse pressure washer or soap and water to clean tyre surface of any items of mud, grease, wax and brake dust.APPLICATIONIMPORTANT : Shake the can vigorously for one minute before use. Spray Aeropak Foaming Tyre Care onto the tyres rubber wall to clean and shine, Leave for 10 mins to soak and then wipe clean with a clean cloth to remove any excess foam.Using Aero...
AEROPAK MULTILUBE,ANTI-RUST LUBRICANTProtects against Rust & CorrosionRemoves Moisture, Stops SqueaksLoosens Seized & Sticking PartsAeropak MultiLube is an all purpose lubricating, water displacing and penetrating multi spray, that protects against rust, removes moisture, stops squeaks, loosens seized & sticking parts and will also remove grease, tar, gums, and adhesives from most surfaces. Aeropak MultiLube is ideal for preventative maintenance and 1000s of uses around the home & work.Cleans and protects against rust. Cleans and removes rust from tools, engine parts and chrome parts.Removes moisture from spark plugs, car ignitions, outboard motors and machinery.Loosens and penetrates rusted parts, locks, seized nuts and bolts, valves, joints and rusted metal...
AEROPAK Chrome Paint can provide vivid electroplating effect, which can replace the traditional chroming techniques. It is able to effectively resist UV radiation, enhance the aging-resistance of the decorated goods and prevent eroding. It can be widely applied to metals, wood, glass, ABS and other surfaces. The film finish has excellent hardness, adhesion and flexibility. The film should avoid scrubbing or clashing to prevent the damage of its metal effect.  PREPARATIONFor best results, clean surface of grease, wax, rust and dust. Scuff or lightly sand all glossy surfaces removing any unwanted bumps or flaking paint, then dust off. Prime raw timber or metal with Aeropak primer and allow to fully dry. APPLICATIONIMPORTANT : Shake the can vigorously for one minute before use. Hold...
AEROPAK BRAKE CLEANERCleans C.V. joints ABS brakes, disc drum & clutch partsremoves brake fluid grease & oil in secondsAeropak Brake Cleaner will safely, easily, and quickly remove the brake dust and metal powder from brakes, and restore capability to your brakes. Aeropak Brake Cleaner is ideal for the removal of brake fluid and oil from brake drums & rotors, linings, pads, cylinders & springs.Aeropak Brake Cleaner is a non-chlorinated formula that can safely be used on: Disc & Drum Brakes, ABS Brakes, Clutches, CV Joints, Wheel Bearings, Non Electrical Tools, Greasy & Oily Surfaces.APPLICATIONIMPORTANT : Shake the can before use.Keep cleaner away from Painted or Plastic surfaces.Cleaning in place: Remove the wheel, hold the can 300-600mm from brakes, spraying brake...
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